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Taking a flight is often an exciting undertaking. You get butterflies in your stomach during take-off and when you land you look out the window to see the country of your destination.
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There are often many hours between these two moments that need to be bridged. Maybe you want to sleep peacefully or enjoy a good book. It is very annoying if you experience a constant noise in your ears caused by the aircraft. That is why Struijk Online offers you an ideal solution: airplane earplugs that filter out the annoying noise of the plane.

Pressure differences

These earplugs not only ensure a quiet flight, but also eliminate pressure differences during takeoff and landing. There is a good chance that you have experienced pain in your ears due to the pressure difference. With hearing protection from Struijk Online you can enjoy your flight without pain in your ears.

Standard airplane earplugs

Would you like to use hearing protection while flying for the first time? Then we recommend that you go for thestandard flight earplugsto choose. These can also close your ears properly. When the standard earplugs do not work properly, you can be sure that the investment in custom earplugs is worth it.

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