Accessibility and safety in your home!

The wake-up and warning system is an aid for the hearing impaired and the deaf. Does it ever happen that you don't hear the doorbell? Or do you not always hear the phone ringing? And more important; Are you warned in time in the event of a fire?

The wake-up and warning system translates acoustic signals into a visible or tactile signal. You can choose a flash or vibrating receiver yourself.
At night, the alarm clock warns you with a vibration signal. With these wireless solutions you will never miss a single signal again!

Are you hearing impaired or deaf? Then you will receive a wake-up and warning system reimbursed from your basic insurance if you meet the reimbursement rules of your health insurer.

Complete the request form and we will arrange a wake-up and warning system for you. You will be contacted to install the desired system at your home.

General information about the compensation

The wake-up and warning system is fully reimbursed by basic insurance. In order to be reimbursed for the wake-up and warning system, we must have an audiogram with, if necessary, a prescription from an ENT specialist or audiologist. This depends on your health insurer.

What requirements must you meet to receive reimbursement for an alarm and warning system?

  • An average hearing loss of 35 dB in at least one ear (at 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz)
  • If necessary, a functional prescription from an ENT doctor or audiologist.
  • An audiogram that is not older than 1 year (except for CZ insured persons, the audiogram may not be older than 9 months and for Zorg & Zekerheid insured persons the audiogram may not be older than 6 months).

Package composition

Hearsolutions Standard

- Smoke alarm
– Doorbell transmitter
– Telephone transmitter
– Flash or vibration receiver (possibility of signaling on smartphone)
- Alarm clock

Hearsolutions Expansion

– Baby monitor transmitter
– IBell-2

MCS Standard

– Doorbell transmitter
– Telephone transmitter
- Smoke alarm
– Flash or vibration receiver
- Alarm clock

MSC Expansion

– Portable receiver
– Baby monitor
– Mobile phone transceiver

The contents of the package depend on the health insurance. Depending on your living situation, several doorbell transmitters may be reimbursed. The building code determines the number of smoke detectors. And for parents with children, a baby monitor transmitter is also reimbursed. The package may be delivered at the expense of the
customer can be expanded with various additional tools. After this request, you will also be contacted to make an appointment. When the technician visits you, the packages will be discussed.