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Not being able to hear well is not pleasant. Certainly not during certain situations, for example when your baby is crying or the parcel deliverer rings the doorbell. Fortunately, various wake-up and warning hearing solutions are available.
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Baby monitor for the hearing impaired

Do you have a baby yourself or do you regularly look after a baby? Then it is important that you can hear him or her at any time. The Mona Baby Monitor Camera is a baby monitor with an audio and video system. Despite your hearing loss, you can not only hear sounds from the baby's room but also see them through the video receiver .

Doorbell for the hearing impaired

By using the doorbell you know that someone is at the door. For example, the parcel deliverer or visitors. It is annoying if you cannot hear the sound of the doorbell properly and you unintentionally keep people waiting. There are several hearing solutions to solve this problem.

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