MyPhonak app

With the Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aids we take up the challenge by combining hearing with innovation. Rediscover the joy of communicating with the MyPhonak app.

Hearing aids in combination with an app

For optimal use of the Phonak Audéo Paradise hearing aids, you can operate the Phonak Paradise hearing aids with the MyPhonak app. The app allows you to easily adjust and operate your hearing aid. This gives you access to useful functions, you can personalize settings and the level of dynamic noise cancellation is easy to adjust to properly follow a conversation. In short, an app with many possibilities!

Connect to the MyPhonak app

To connect to your hearing aids you must set up the MyPhonak app properly. To complete this setting, go to the MyPhonak app on your phone and follow the instructions in the app.

Connecting to your hearing aids is done via Bluetooth. Your hearing aids must be turned on for the Bluetooth connection. You do this by pressing the bottom button on your hearing aid for 4 seconds until the green light comes on. The app can now connect to your hearing aid! View the manual for more information about setting up the Phonak app.

The MyPhonak App is easy to download from the Google Play or App Store